Washingtonian Publisher On Having it ‘All’: Know ‘What Balls Are Gonna Drop’

In a recent interview with The Daily Download, Cathy Merrill Williams, publisher of Washingtonian, weighed in on the recent public debate about women and ambition, inspired by Anne-Marie Slaughter’s controversial article in The Atlantic.

Williams said it helps to “have it all” by having a job that requires less travel and also “knowing what balls are gonna drop.” (Um, excuse me?) She continued, “certainly everyone I know drops a lot of balls.”

Williams also said she has two rules for herself to better balance home and work life:

  1. “I don’t go out more than three nights a week.”
  2. “I also don’t accept invitations on weekend days that don’t accept my kids.”

With those rules come three exceptions: The last week in September, the first week in December and the first week in May, all of which are Williams says are very busy for the magazine.

Noteworthy— Williams said the average Washingtonian reader is very affluent with a net income above $1.8 million and 99 percent of the magazine’s readership has a college education. She also said Washingtonian is tied with Politico for “most-read for D.C. insiders.”

Watch the full interview here.