TWT Follows Daily Caller, Runs Old News

There’s some kind of “old news” bug going around D.C. newsrooms. Last week The Daily Caller‘s Nicholas Ballasy wrote an “exclusive” that was widely reported years ago. Then on Monday Dave Boyer of TWT wrote a piece about Republicans “now” comparing President Obama to Jimmy Carter.

“Perhaps it’s a risk for any incumbent Democratic president running for re-election, but President Obama now finds himself being compared by Republicans to former President Jimmy Carter,” Boyer wrote.

Now? The Carter-Obama comparison has been made by Republicans for months. Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney did it back in July. Bradley Blakeman, a former aide to President George W. Bush called Obama “Carter 2.0” in August. The worst: Boyer’s own right-leaning paper editorialized that Obama was “channeling Jimmy Carter” way back in January.

Yes, Republicans are making the comparison. But it’s not new.

We reached out to Boyer to see if we were missing something. He didn’t respond, not even after we approached him on email and Twitter.