Washington Square Park Fight On YouTube

Washington Square Park — home to many a dime bag purchase — at least in the mid-90s — is getting a redesign. And, as with any public space project in this town, residents are up in arms about it. But in this case their collective gripe seems legitimate: as part of the park’s reconfiguration, locals claimed had planned to cut 33 percent of the park’s size, and filed a lawsuit to block the project. In response, the city acknowledged the cut would be 23 percent. Now, a four-minute video produced in part by the lawsuit’s plaintiff Jonathan Greenberg has surfaced on YouTube showing Parks architect George Vellonakis [above] explaining to a community board that the reduction would be “very small … probably 5 percent.”

It would appear Vellonakis was doing what any high school kid does before his parents go out of town for the weekend: skew lower: “Oh, I’m having a couple people over, maybe. No big deal. We’re probably not even gonna hang out here.”

Earlier, Vellonakis is shown getting rather testy about the plan’s criticism: “No one wants a pit in the ground anymore.”