Washington Post‘s Steve Fainaru Becomes Managing Editor Of The Bay Citizen

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Steve Fainaru is leaving The Washington Post to become managing editor of San Francisco-based start-up The Bay Citizen.

The site, which was founded with venture capital from Warren Hellman and help from the University of California at Berkeley’s school of journalism, has made an agreement to provide content to The New York Times. Bay area issues of the paper have included a twice-weekly section on the Bay Area produced by Times writers since October. That coverage will ultimately transition over to The Bay Citizen staffers.

Per the publication’s website:

The Bay Citizen is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, member-supported news organization. In collaboration with the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, The New York Times, and other media organizations serving the Bay Area, our mission is to enhance civic and community news coverage in the Bay Area, stimulate innovation in journalism, and foster civic engagement.