Washington Post’s New Video Series Takes Its Inspiration From the Haters

Introducing Washington Post Hate Mail

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

Don’t read the comments is advice that many digital-age writers heed completely, but for the Washington Post opinion writers participating in WaPo’s new, multiplatform video series, that’s not an option. Not only are they reading and responding to the comments, they’re doing it out loud, on film, in videos that will appear weekly.

Different Opinion section writers will be featured each week, and readers can make suggestions for who they’d like to see take a swim in the comment section.

Currently there are videos up for George Will, Charles Krauthammer and Alexandra Petri.

Sample lines:

Will: “I’m not sure but I think I’m being called a liberal.”

Petri: “This is my day job.”

Watch a few below, or all of them here.