What’s Weingarten Writing?

Gather ’round children, it’s time for another life lesson from Weird Uncle Gene. That, of course, is Gene Weingarten, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist from WaPo. Gene has decided that NOW is the right time for him to weigh in on butchering of the SCOTUS decision on health care by Fox News and CNN. Granted, it’s been almost a month since that horrifying day where the news networks made fools of themselves. I guess Gene’s motto is “better late than never.” He says that the rush to be first with breaking news “is one of the sad artifacts of modern journalism, where everything is reported on a 24-hour news cycle, and speed is wildly overvalued.”

Leave it to Gene Weingarten. He makes a point that has been made thousands of times since the decision was botched. He adds virtually nothing new to the debate. It’s just an opportunity for him to rehash his tired comedy routine.

Don’t get me wrong. Gene is right on this. It is better to be right than be first. But, if you wait a month to weigh in on the issue, don’t expect people to give a poop (to speak Gene’s language) about what you have to say, no matter how much truth you speak.