‘Washington Post’ Sponsors #Election, Hosts Twittercast

Unsurprisingly, the top Twitter trending topic for today is #Election. After all, it’s Election Day and the Washington Post has paid to make sure it’s in that slot.

According to Chloe Sladden, Twitter’s director of media partnerships, the Post is the first news organization to use the company’s “promoted products.”

“By being the only news organization using Twitter this way, the Post could rise above the din of election-related conversation and draw more traffic to its website, ” writes Poynter Online.

The #Election hashtag is marked as “Promoted” and will direct users to the Post’s content as well as serve as a signpost to users who will be turning to Twitter for election coverage.

“Although any news outlet can use #Election, the Post’s tweets will always appear above others, even those that are more recent,” Poynter Online writes, adding that the promotion will “perhaps turning some of those conversationalists into news consumers.”

The Post is facing stiff competition for election coverage from broadcast as well as other print and online news outlets. (In addition to its coverage, the New York Times has this trippy Twitter traffic monitor.)

The Post is also launching a live Twittercast today from 2:02p.m. EST to 3:02p.m. Visitors can post questions to Chris Cillizza from the Post’s “The Fix” blog via #askthefix and #election hashtags. The Twittercast will be live on the @washingtonpost handle or The Fix blog.

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