Washington Post Radio Problems

Paul Farhi gets around to reporting what DCRTV broke a while back (sans credit, natch): That Washington Post radio “has struggled to attract listeners since its inception.” As DCRTV reports, the station “laid off five employees and continues to lose money.”

Never one to make nice with his fellow Posties, Tony Kornheiser takes Farhi to task for this. From DCRTV:

    On his Thursday Washington Post Radio morning show, Tony Kornheiser slammed Paul Farhi’s Thursday print article about poor ratings, layoffs, and money troubles at Washington Post Radio – see newsblurb below – as being “unbelievably overplayed.” And, Kornheiser charged that it’s “Paul Farhi’s need to take a meat cleaver to his employer.” Superstar sports columnist Kornheiser has been involved in a feud with Farhi since the media reporter produced an unfavorable critique last summer about Kornheiser’s then-new ESPN “Monday Night Football” gig. Earlier this year, Kornheiser jested on-air that he’d like squirrels to pluck out Farhi’s eyeballs…..