Bernard Goldberg Rips WaPo Columnist for ‘Grotesque’ Analogy

There was obviously and understandably no shortage of opinion pieces in the Washington Post this week about the Jeff Bezos deal. But today, fellow journalist Bernard Goldberg takes the paper to task for one of those items.

In the lead paragraphs of an August 6 “WP Opinions” item, Ruth Marcus suggested that selling the paper to Bezos was Donald Graham’s “reverse Sophie’s Choice moment.” Goldberg thinks that’s simply ridiculous and, offensive:

Grotesque, I think, comes closer to describing the comparison Ms. Marcus makes. The decision to sell a newspaper is akin to the decision by a mother about which of her two children to save and which to give to the Nazis for extermination? In what universe would that be?

Was there no editor at the Washington Post who read the column who might have saved Marcus from embarrassment? Or did the editor, like Ms. Marcus, see nothing wrong?

Goldberg came to the Marcus article by way of a blog piece yesterday at Commentary magazine by Peter Wehner, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. They’re both absolutely right; this was a poor choice of film reference, especially when you consider the analogous availability of a certain other Alan Pakula feature released six years before Sophie’s Choice.

[Photo courtesy: CBS/Fox]