WaPo’s Ezra Klein Ages Himself

It’s a strange phenomenon. But WaPo‘s wonky liberal policy blogger Ezra Klein is desperate to be old. Or else the 29-year-old thinks he already is old and has lived through decades and lifetimes and has only recently returned to Earth in a time machine.

Or is he Benjamin Button and actually aging backwards?

Earlier this summer, he grew layers of facial hair, which indeed aged him. Now he’s aging himself once again by declaring how seasoned his vantage point is.

In the process, he has decidedly pissed people off.

 Commentary‘s John Podhoretz cracked, “29 year-old speaks wearily about his vast experience.”

Some of the other remarks…


Radio host Hugh Hewitt: “Ezra, you are 28.”

“You barely remember Pokemon.”

“Ezra, you are 29.”

“Call us when you’re 30.”