Washington Post Invites Readers To Subscribe To Staff On Facebook

Today, Mark S. Luckie — the founder of 10,000 Words, and now full-time social media guy at WaPo — invited readers to subscribe to its staff on Facebook. He wrote:

Looking to connect with Washington Post reporters and writers on Facebook? You can now get updates from Post staffers on the social network using Facebook’s “Subscribe” feature.

The recently launched feature allows you to receive updates from Facebook users who have enabled the feature without having to friend them first. To get started, make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account and click the Subscribe button adjacent to any of the individuals listed below. You can also navigate to the profile of anyone who has enabled the feature and click the “Subscribe” button found at the top right-hand corner of the person’s profile.

The Post makes it easy to find and subscribe to its staff — the blog post contains a list of staff who have enabled the subscribe feature, and a one-click “Subscribe” button next to their names.   This isn’t an option to subscribe to a public journalist page, but, in most cases, the personal profile page of that individual.

Of course, staff members can still decide to hide some posts from subscribers by sharing those updates with only friends, or specific lists or groups using Facebook’s audience selector. If you want to create a similar post to publicize your staff, you can generate subscribe buttons at the Facebook Developers site by inputting the URL of the page and grabbing the embed code.