‘Washington Post’ Anticipates Growth With Several New Hires

handshakeWe love hearing about good news and really cringe when we have to report about layoffs. With that spirit, we were excited to read about expansion of The Washington Post in The New York Times.

Growth is anticipated per its new owner, Amazon founder Jeffrey Bezos. In a memo issued to staff yesterday, it was revealed that five new politics reporters will be added to staff along with photo editors. This is in addition to data visualization specialists, news desk staff and web designers, too.

We’re not done yet, folks! The newspaper intends to add a breaking news desk and a Sunday style and arts section and an improved Sunday magazine. (Hmmm, we wonder if there are opportunities for freelancers to pitch? See how we’re always looking out for you? Smile.)

And it’s going to happen quickly. A few weeks ago interviews began and it sounds like they’re serious about moving forward.

Of course, you can search for new opportunities on our job boards.