Brownie Points! WaPo Reporter Begins Live Chat With Love Note to Wife

Just in case you wanted to chat live with WaPo‘s national politics reporter Aaron Blake, now you have that chance. Each Tuesday at 2 p.m., Blake, who works for the Post Politics section, will host a live discussion on several hot topics. Tuesday’s inaugural chat included the Mark SanfordElizabeth Colbert-Busch congressional race and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie‘s lap-band surgery.

Lest you think journalists work all the time, Blake did manage to slip in a personal note to his wife, Danielle. Let’s just hope she was reading?

“Today’s topic is the Sanford-Colbert Busch race in South Carolina, which voters are deciding even as we speak (type?). But I would be remiss if I didn’t take a little time at the outset to wish my lovely and talented wife, Danielle, a happy 2nd anniversary. I love you, D. And with that, let’s talk politics!”

Blake answered most questions, but not all. One reader quizzed him, asking, “Biggest celebrity crush now and growing up? And you can’t say Connie Britton.” Blake passed. He wrote, “As much as I’d like to answer this question one’s second anniversary is neither the time nor the place.”

Another reader (or the one above, it isn’t clear) remarked, “I assumed your celebrity crush was Chris Cillizza,” referring to Blake’s colleague.

Blake shot back, “Now you’re just feeding his ego.”

See the full chat here.