Washington Monthly Announces Washington Wire

From their announcement:

    For nearly 40 years now the Washington Monthly has believed that the press truly is Democracy’s Fourth Estate and that our nation’s capitol is the most essential place to practice good journalism.
    And, so for four decades we’ve tried to provide our readers– both through our monthly print magazine and, in the last few years, our daily website–the inside scoop on whats happening in Washington…what the insiders know and don’t want you to find out.

    Now we want to give you an additional source — a free weekly email newsletter we’re calling the Washington Wire.

    Through the Washington Wire we’ll provide you with access and insight into the inner workings of D.C. We’ll draw from numerous sources, not just our own mag and website, compile them into highlights once a week and then send them directly to your email box.

    So, sit back and open your email. Take a moment to read an article, browse the thought-provoking quotes, polls, articles, and essays. The newsletter is designed to give you the kind of clear-eyed ideas, reporting and information you need to keep an eye on what official Washington is doing – both good and bad.

    We hope you enjoy the Washington Wire, D.C.’s newest must-read source of independent news.