Washington Independent: An Update

Yesterday, we reported that “We hear that the Center for Independent Media (including its flagship publication, the Washington Independent) is not renewing the contracts of many of its staff writers, as a cost cutting measure. Instead, writers can continue to write for the publications on a freelance basis.”

We heard from both CIM brass and staffers following that post and their feedback fell along (expected) staffers-think-things-aren’t-going-well-while-the-higher-ups-maintain-that-everything-is-rosy lines.

So, some updates…

Brass says…It’s not hard times for CIM and that they are in the process of hiring two more editors and four more reporters in DC. “We’re actually reorganizing, which means some people are going and some people are coming,” CIM CEO David Bennahum told FishbowlDC.

Staff says…It is hard times for the Washington Independent and that cuts are being made on all of the state sites. But Bennahum said that, when all is said and done, their budget will remain what it was: $4 million.

Alas, it remains a “wait and see” situation.

Spencer Ackerman will remain at the Washington Independent on a full-time basis. Staffers Mary Kane, Mike Lillis and Daphne Eviatar will likely contribute to the site on a freelance basis.

Sridhar Pappu is not expected to continue with the Washington Independent and the statuses of Suemedha Sood and Matthew Blake are unknown.