Washington Examiner’s Yeas and Nays Is Back From the Dead

Last month, Washington Examiner shut down its daily publication, laid off a bulk of the newsroom and said it would switch to a weekly political magazine format to compete with Roll Call and The Hill.

Yeas and Nays’ Nikki Schwab and Alicia Cohn were among those who we’d heard had lost their jobs, so we assumed the column was tragically gone forever—until we noticed that Schwab was still running the Yeas and Neas Twitter account. There were three posts yesterday and a smattering since July 2.

We reached out and… found out Schwab has revived Yeas and Nays at Red Alert Politics, an online publication from the Washington Examiner’s parent company, and moved it to a new domain, yeasandnays.com. A note of warning: Don’t click on the Examiner link in Schwab’s Twitter bio. It’ll lead you to an “Oops, Page Not Found” warning.

The Y & N posts are already coming fast and furious, so now’s your chance to catch up. And here we thought WaPo‘s “The Reliable Source” would finally have a chance to shine and spectacularly fill Washington’s gossip void.

Fat chance on that happening with or without Y & N in the picture.