Washington Examiner’s Tapscott Not a Groundswell Participant, According to Tapscott

Washington Examiner’s Executive Editor Mark Tapscottis upset FisbowlDC labeled him a participant in Groundswell, the conservative Journolist uncovered by Mother Jones’ David Corn. He sent us an email with the subject line, “David Corn got it right, you didn’t,” and asked for  a correction.

So what did Corn say in his piece? That Tapscott was a participant in Groundswell. What did we say? The same thing.

It appears we just didn’t spend enough time talking about Tapscott for the piece to be to Tapscott’s liking.

The Mother Jones story, which we did not reprint in its entirety—our mistake there—notes, among many, many, many other things that we didn’t specifically mention in a blog post that was only meant to highlight a story we assumed most of you would read in detail anyway, that Tapscott decided to stop going to Groundswell meetings after he remembered he was a journalist and probably shouldn’t be involved in such things.

From Tapscott’s email:

Corn noted that I attended one, maybe two, Groundswell meetings, then stopped … I would appreciate it if you correct your post, which inaccurately includes me as a participant, which I am not.

So there you have it. Let us go on record as saying Mark Tapscott is not a Groundswell participant. Except for those times that he was.

(Oh, and then there’s the emails).