Washington Examiner Hires Townhall’s Managing Editor Kevin Glass for Newly Created Post

The Washington Examiner is bringing Kevin Glass, managing editor of the conservative website Townhall.com, on board as its online Asst. Managing Editor. This should do nothing to quell the loud murmurings that the Examiner‘s news content slants right along with the editorial page. The position is newly created. Glass, who begins July 25, will handle online reports for local, White House, Congress and the 2012 campaign.

Editor Stephen Smith says Glass had a “peripatetic” childhood. Find out why after the jump…

I’m pleased to announce that Kevin Glass, managing editor of Townhall.com, is joining The Washington Examiner as Assistant Managing Editor, Online. In this newly created position, Kevin will handle our local online report, which is generating 25 percent more traffic than last year, as well as the news staff’s web reports on the White House, Congress and the 2012 campaign. With guidance from Bob Benz, chief digital officer for Clarity Media, the Examiner’s parent company, Kevin will work with reporters to create a local site that is faster, deeper, and more eye-catching.

A graduate of Colgate, Kevin arrived at Townhall.com four years ago as an assistant editor. He moved up to deputy editor and, in April 2010, to his present position. He runs the daily editorial meetings, handles personnel matters, and manages new projects.

He has been a guest blogger on basketball for National Review Online, a sideline that should prompt spirited discussions with ME Michael Hedges, our resident expert on the Kentucky Wildcats.

Kevin had a peripatetic childhood, living with his family in Moscow and London, where he went to high school. But he was born in Texas and lived in Houston for 10 years, so considers himself a full-blooded Longhorn. A resident of Columbia Heights, he plays pickup basketball and softball, and is bass guitarist for a rock band that is soon to be disbanded because an overachieving drummer is going to Princeton for his PhD.

Kevin starts on July 25. Please join me in welcoming him aboard.

Cheers, Steve