Washington Examiner Hires Cinderella

Well that was fast.

Last week the Washington Examiner announced the departure of Yeas & Nays columnist Katy Adams. Yesterday they announced the hire of Jenny Rogers of the distinguished TBD. In her Twitter avatar, she’s inexplicably dressed up as Cinderella. Nothing everything weird about that. She joins Nikki Schwab on the gossip desk.

Though Rogers’ new boss, Stephen Smith, introduced her with an ominous mistake in her internal memo, we’d like to think of it as a premonition of good things to come. He wrote that Jenny graduated from Rhodes College in Florida. That would be Memphis. Smith quickly issued a correction, lamenting that he’d lost street cred in the newsroom. “Rhodes College is in Memphis, not Florida,” he wrote. “Editors can’t get their facts right.” We can only hope this whisper of self-deprecating humor means the column will pick up.

As a culture writer, she learned absolutely nothing a tremendous amount at TBD. In her bio she writes, “As TBD’s most tech-challenged reporter, I’m proud to announce my conversion to Twitter. I hope to understand how to use my smart phone by 2011.” To get an idea of what we might expect from Jenny, we checked out her recent exposé on cupcakes. The headline: “Cupcakes will never go away.” She refers to the cupcakes as “little guys” and brashly tells those who are down on cupcakes to f&@k off: “Well tough cookies, haters. The cupcake trend is no trend.”

Jenny’s tastes vacillate between “The Wire” and “The Bachelor.” She draws, paints and is apparently a pretty mean ping pong player. We’ve already encountered the sharp-tongued Jenny when she bashed FishbowlDC’s Peter Ogburn over a certain Daily Caller reporter’s skimpy TV attire. See the warfare here.

See the internal memo…

I’m pleased to announce that Jenny Rogers, who has been reporting on arts and culture for TBD.com, will be joining Nikki Schwab on The Washington Examiner’s “Yeas & Nays” team.

Jenny’s lively “voice” and familiarity with the local scene will help keep Yeas & Nays the most widely read gossip page in Washington.

Jenny joined TBD in June 2010 after stints as an intern at Slate and as a reporter for The Columbia Missourian.

A native of Ohio, she graduated from Rhodes College in Florida and spent two years as an admissions counselor at Florida Southern College. A passion for writing led her to the University of Missouri, where she earned her M.A. in journalism.

In her free time, she draws, paints, and plays ping-pong “very seriously.”

“Two easy ways to make friends with me: Tell me you love The Wire, or tell me you love “The Bachelor,” she says.

Count me in for The Wire. I’ll leave The Bachelor to staffers who haven’t been married as long as I have.

Please join me in welcoming Jenny aboard when she arrives on February 13.

Cheers, Steve