Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

We’re not quite sure what to make of WaPo’s “The Reliable Source” most of the time. In between actual DC gossip, it tosses out these celebrity pieces that have absolutely nothing to do with Washington. At least The Hill’s “In The Know” will at least try for a connection, no matter how tenuous, but it’s like sometimes WaPo can’t even be bothered.

Take this one about Harrison Ford answering questions at Comic-Con. Imagine that, a scifi cult celebrity and ‘Star Wars’ star being hounded by scifi fans with super-specific questions at one of the country’s biggest scifi and fantasy conventions.

The Ford piece was followed yesterday afternoon with a post on Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife reconciling. In case you’re wondering, though you’re probably not, they’ve “now twice filed for divorce.”

Our question is always, why is “The Reliable Source” trying to be a celeb gossip site? There are dozens of sites that do that far better. And along the same lines, stop the presses, why would DCers care about most of this? Is this just trolling for search engine traffic? Is someone at WaPo watching Google Trends to see what’s floating to the top and then writing posts to match?

Seems like it.