Washington Business Journal Publisher Alex Orfinger Named EVP of Parent Company

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 16.34.43The Washington Business Journal today announced a new role for it’s publisher Alex Orfinger, who’s served in that capacity for 18 years.

Orfinger, and Mike Olivieri, chief revenue officer of WBJ’s parent company American City Business Journals (ACBJ), have both been named executive vice president of ACBJ. The two will each oversee half of ACBJ’s 43 market-specific business journals.

“In their new jobs, Mike and Alex will each be responsible for a business operating in 20 markets with more than 500 employees,” said ACBJ CEO Whitney Shaw. “Clearly, it is a significant task, but I believe this will pay both short- and long-term dividends by focusing additional resources on local performance and by bringing better organization to the corporate support that is already in place.”

“I think our company has a great future in front of it, and I’m really proud, excited, and super nervous about leading that effort,” said Orfinger in a video posted to WBJ. “The media industry is a treacherous zone, and we as an industry have a lot of challenges – how to be a growing reporting entity and make money doing it. We have been very successful at navigating those boarders. And I’m really proud and excited to be leading those efforts going forward.”

Orfinger in his new role will remain in Washington. Shaw has begun a search for his successor.