Washington According To Benedetto

USA Today founding member and White House correspondent Richard Benedetto chats with The Examiner about politics, media and his new book, “Politicians Are People, Too.”

Some nuggets from the interview:

RB on the media and politicians: “Without ignoring the bad things that politicians do, or abandoning our watchdog function on government, we need to report stories about politicians who do things right, as well as wrong. A politician should not have to die to be praised.”

RB on what the media is doing right: “Much is right with the media. We have many good news outlets, good reporters and good editors in the business who do their best every day to give the American people an accurate and fair picture of the days’ news. Of course, we fall down from time to time with our overemphasis of the bad news and the promotion of conflict. But what is right is that we are free and that we have the ability to criticize ourselves in hope of making it better.”

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