Wash Post Circ Continues Fall

It looks like the Post is going to just have a tough week, in addition to the staff defections (which at the very least are surprising to outsiders), the paper’s circulation is continuing to fall.

Continuing a disturbing trend, the paper reported Saturday that in the first half of the year, daily circulation fell by 4 percent, down to 692,200. Two years ago, the paper was just under 800,000 daily. Sunday circ is down to 985,100, down about 3.5 percent for the year.

While the trend is broad in the industry, many of the top other newspapers like NYT and USA Today are managing to hold strong or even make small gains.

Despite the rapid growth in the region, the paper’s near monopoly, and numerous attempts to engage readers with things like the Sunday Source section and shorter stories, the Post can’t hold on to its readers.

> Today, the new numbers led Wall Street to downgrade WaPaCo’s stock.

> Also Slate’s Jack Shafer argues you can’t trust what media consumers say they want.