Google Images Was Evidently Attacked by Hackers

Car accident photo appeared in searches for hours

Google is the latest Internet giant to apparently be hacked. Numerous reports stated that that searches on its images feature today resulted in repeated pictures of a fatal car crash possibly in Ukraine or Moscow.

This car crash image showed up repeatedly on Google Image search.

The accident photo evidently popped up when many people searched for an innocuous image. But, it didn't happen to everyone, as the Washington Post found out when it tried to duplicate the glitch. Jalopnik said the picture may have come from an article published in 2012, which shows a car crash at a Moscow bus stop that killed three people.

Google told Time that the problem had been fixed but would not elaborate on what happened.

Russian hackers have been at the center of numerous cyber-security threats. Whether today's development is a warning from such groups remains to be seen.