Was All the Fuss Over LACMA’s Film Program Cuts Worth It?

Remember back in July and August when it seemed like everyone, including Kenneth Turan, Martin Scorsese, and us, in a very limited, snarky-just-to-be-snarky kind of way, were out for Michael Govan‘s head? This of course came after the museum director said he believed the Los Angeles County Museum of Art would have to temporarily trim back its film program due to the money issues it’s long been suffering from. Once the uproar died down, benefactors heeded the call and donated to keep the program going. Now, as a further patching up over the brief skirmish, Scorsese himself has agreed to appear with Govan in an on-stage conversation next Wednesday. But now that the dust has settled and everyone’s back to being best friends, the blog Hyde or Die asks if all of this was even necessary to begin with and if maybe Govan was right from the start, that the program needed to be re-evaluated and re-launched once the museum had a better idea on how to make it work (instead of just relying on handouts when things got grim). The long and short of the opinion is “LACMA fell victim to what seems to me as peer pressure and bullying” which is certainly interesting to think over.