Was All Set to be a Moblin 2.1 for Phone Hater: Then I Changed My Opinion

YouTube video courtesy of stevechippy

I wasn’t impressed with what I saw when I tried Intel/Novell’s Moblin Linux when I tried it on a netbook (what it was originally designed for). In fact, I’m still using Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my Acer Aspire One netbook. So, I was all set to be, as David Pogue might say, a “hater” when I read this item over on Engadget…

Intel announces Moblin 2.1 for phones

But, you know what? After seeing the video above (from MIDmoves.com), I think that Moblin might be a nice platform for the phone (I still don’t like it for netbooks though).

However, the Linux-derived phone OS market is getting pretty crowded with Palm’s webOS and Google’s Android drawing most of the attention in that area right now. I’m not sure there is room for yet another Linux-based phone OS. Of course, if Palm runs out of operating cash in late 2010, the stage might be set for Moblin to make a splash.