Warren Buffet Gets Sucked into YouTube, Just Like the Rest of Us


In an interview with HuffPo’s Willow Bay, recorded in Sun Valley where he’s gallivanting with the other business, political, and media bigwigs at the annual Allen & Company conclave, mega-investor Warren Buffet confessed that he gets sucked down the YouTube rabbit hole along with the rest of us:

I’ll go there, and I’ll listen to one song, and I’ll see all these suggestions on the side, and it’s an hour later, and I’m still listening to suggested songs.

In the interview, which was coproduced by Yahoo News, Buffet says he ends up on YouTube the same way the rest of us do: Someone sends him a link to something funny (in his case, “political gaffes”—Watch out Washington. The Oracle of Omaha has his eye on you). But also:

I may go there to listen to Frank Sinatra sing “My Way.” And there’ll be about eight different versions, and I’ll click on that. But then there’ll be eight other things on the side, Sinatra doing something else, and an hour or two hours of my life will go by.


I like to see Tina Fey do Sarah Palin too.

His other Internet vice? 12 hours a week of online bridge.