Warren Beatty and the Tribune Company Still at Odds

Warren Beatty may be one of the few people on Earth who has as much beef with the Tribune Company as Dan Neil. For the past several years the actor has been mired in a legal battle with the company over the film rights to the “Dick Tracy” franchise. The case recently gained momentum as a federal judge refused to dismiss Beatty’s lawsuit aimed at maintaining control of a new Tracy film.

From Variety:

The latest dispute centers on whether Beatty still had rights to the character. Beatty received notice from Tribune Co. on Nov. 20, 2006, that it would take back the rights unless he commenced production on a new Dick Tracy project within two years. Beatty says that he started principal photography on a television special Nov. 8, 2008, but Tribune Co. responded by stating that it still had the right to terminate Beatty’s rights to the character.

The case was complicated by the fact that Tribune Co. filed for bankruptcy protection on Dec. 8, 2008, but a Delaware bankruptcy judge ruled in November that Beatty’s case could go forward.