Warning: Sunday Styles to Profile ‘Silicon Alley 2.0’

People, get ready for a trendy new Web 2.0 term, courtesy of Sunday Styles. We’ve heard that fingerpulsing Warren St. John is prepping a profile on the redux of the burgeoning downtown indie dotcom scene — Gawker Media (which may be getting its own downtown space), Curbed, Daily Candy, flavorpill, The Onion, College Humor et al — for Styles, pitching it to profilees as “sort of the Silicon Alley 2.0,” according to our source. These are all NYC-based, independent “new media” companies setting the so-called Web 2.0 agenda, and all located in and around the Soho/Broadway corridor, a few blocks south of the original Silicon Alley that started in the Flatiron District. (Funny, we didn’t get the call, and we’re sort of, oh, right there too.)

The impetus for St. John, we’re told, was the recent news of Daily Candy going on the block, a sale that could fetch $100 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. Our source also thinks the piece is out this Sunday.

But, surely, Silicon Alley 2.0 couldn’t be the best term for this collective, and we suspect St. John’s got something buzzier up his sleeve.

Some suggestions:

  • Silicon Alley South (“Silas”)
  • Silicon St. Alley
  • Canyon of Zeroes and Ones
  • Dentonville
  • Oh No, Not This Sh*t Again

    Inspired? Send us your own. Closest answer to whatever St. John’s cooking wins foie gras on us. Deadline, naturally, is Saturday at noon, when our Styles usually arrives.