WARNING: Don't Click 'Revenge Over Facebook Status'

Posts that say "Shocking Revenge Over Facebook Status" lead to spamware without delivering the promised content.

Don’t click on Facebook posts containing any variation on a “Shocking Revenge Over Facebook Status.”

We applaud David Foster at Hubze for pointing out this scamware first. The application promises to show you the status update that supposedly upset a jealous boyfriend, but only leads to yet another scheme that earns a commission for a spammer if you click all the way through. Don’t give that person the satisfaction.

Clicking on this particular post opens a browser tab leading to a Blogspot page that asks you to “like” the posting and share it with your friends in order to see the status update. It looks like people are wising up to these schemes because only we observe only 47 likes here.

Using my shadow account, I “liked” and “shared” the post, which then fired up a mostly white page with a text window in the middle. This one used a great deal of misspelled words to say that clicking on three advertisements would then enable the viewing of the girl’s status.

Clicking on the “ok” button leads to another Blogspot page with about nine different affiliate program links that seem random. None of them ultimately ends up revealing the girl’s status update but only wastes your time while earning money for the spammer.

Have you seen this particular spam campaign on people’s Facebook news feeds? Has anyone reported the application to Facebook yet?