WARNING: Don't Click On 'Facebook Will Shut Down'

Spamware calling itself "Social Network Close Down - February 15" asks people to click on a link for updates about an official closure of the site, but the only thing this rogue application delivers is yet another time-wasting survey paying a commission to the spammer if you complete it.

Facebook spokespeople and media outlets have dispelled the bogus reports of the site shutting down in March, but that hasn’t stopped one survey-spammer from creating a scheme based on the myth.

A rogue application calling itself “Social Network Close Down – February 15” has been spamming walls and newsfeeds asking people to click on a link for updates about an official closure of the site allegedly happening a month earlier than the humorous myth published by the Weekly World News on Saturday. Props go to our friends at Facecrooks for noticing this survey scheme first.

This particular scheme leads to a survey that presents itself as having a focus on social media, but the questions turn out to have more general marketing focus. Answering them lines the spammers’ pockets with commission fees, wastes your valuable time and opens you up to receiving more lots more spam.

And while you click through screen after screen hitting you up for more personal data to inform product pitches, the application posts three times on your profile: one in your status update and two on your wall. As luck would have it, no spam goes up on any of your friends’ walls.

Delete this application’s posts from your status ad wall to protect your pals from accidentally stumbling into this spamware. Then you’ll want to uninstall it from your profile by clicking the security settings in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Have you seen this particular rogue application on any of your friends’ walls or status updates? Has anyone has reported it to Facebook yet?