WARNING: Don't Click 'My 1st St@tus' On Facebook

Don't click on anything that includes the words "My 1st St@tus" because it leads to a spamware campaign.

Don’t click on any wall posts nor newsfeed items including the phrase “My 1st St@tus” unless you want to waste time filling out a survey while all your friends get spammed. You get nothing in return for your effort, while the spammer earns a commission if you complete the questionnaie.

This particular spamware, first pointed out by our friends at Sophos, looks like it has multiple origins, with names like Info, Pro, Profile App and My First Post. Varying the name of the application appears to be part of the spam action. Ditto for the text following “My 1st Status was.”

Clicking on the link opens a new browser window showing a Facebook page that declares, “Find out your first Facebook Status Update!” (That’s the application’s punctuation, not mine.) accompanied by a larger version of the graphic reproduced at the top of this post. Click on the link and the next screen you see is a request for permission to access your information, wall and so on.

Assuming you clik on “allow,” which we don’t recommend, the next screen has nothing to do with showing your first post, but instead offers up a window ironically labeled “Facebook Verification Spam Bot.” Within it is the tell-tale list of surveys promising freebies that you later learn are only availabe via drawing after you jump through a series of hoops.

By the time you see the list of survey options, the “back” button on your browser is disabled. If for some reason you’ve clicked into this application to check it out for yourself, this would be the best time to click in the upper right-hand part of your screen and opt to unistall. Next time, just avoid clicking on newsfeed or wall posts that look dubious.

Have you seen this particular spamware campaign on anyone’s walls or newsfeeds — or do ou know of someone reporting it to Facebok?