WARNING: Don't Click 'American Guy Must Be Stoned To Death'

Watch out for today's spam scam moving across Facebook news feeds, promising a video of something really scandalous but only delivering a time-wasting survey.

Almost every day we have to warn you not to click on new spamware. Right now the one spreading across Facebook the most briskly says: “This American GUY must be Stoned to De@th for doing this to a GIRL.”

This spam appears to be coming from a possibly growing number of applications, as the news feed posts say varying things after the word “via.” Click here to see what we mean about the spamware name variation, but avoid clicking any of the subsequent links.

The second you click on the link, the application begins its spam attack on your status field and wall. Two posts go on your wall instead of just one.

Like many other examples of scam-spam on Facebook, this one promises a video that appears quite scandalous in nature. All the better to trick you into clicking on the link that looks like a play icon. Of course, clicking on it doesn’t start a video at all, but rather a permission request.

Clicking “allow” brings up one of those ironic message windows saying the application wants to verify that you’re human.

We have reason to believe that the five options showing up in this window vary, perhaps based on the name of the application source cited in the news feed blurbs.

Clicking on any of the five ultimately takes you on a different detour to get to the survey at the end. No matter which route you take, the spammer earns a commission for every questionnaire completed and you get nothing in return for wasting your time.

Readers, have you seen this spam scam show up on any of your friends’ status updates or walls? Do you have any idea where this particular campaign is originating from? Has anyone reported it to Facebook yet? What can the social network do to prevent this in the future?