War Texting: Is You Car a Bit Too Smart & Social?

When you think about SMS text messaging and danger related to driving, you probably think about people who text while driving. Researchers from iSec Partners bring a quite different type of danger to the table, however.

‘War texting’ lets hackers unlock car doors via SMS (Network World)

Some cars have a feature that, for example, lets its owner start the engine remotely. Network World noted that iSec’s Don Bailey is making a presentation at this week’s Black Hat security conference about how to use text messages to unlock a car door and turn on the engine of a car with remote controls.

War Texting: Identifying and Interacting with Devices on the Telephone Network

These cars with remote control options receive their commands, it turns out, via SMS text messages. Cars, however, are not the only things that receive control messages via SMS. Bailey notes in his presentation abstract that: A-GPS tracking devices, 3G Security Cameras, Urban Traffic Control systems, SCADA sensors, Home Control and Automation systems, and even vehicles are now telephony enabled.