War Dragons: Pocket Gems Launches First Title for Core Gamers

The game sees players completing multiplayer battles using an army of dragons.

War DragonsEpisode company Pocket Gems has announced the release of its first game aimed at core audiences: War Dragons. The strategy game has been built alongside a new proprietary engine, the Mantis Engine, over the past two years, and challenges players to defend their kingdom using an army of dragons.

In War Dragons, the story sees players born into a family with the power to communicate with dragons. A jealous uncle builds an army, the Blackbloods, to murder those with the gift, resulting in our hero living in exile for the past ten years. No longer a child, the rightful king or queen sets out on a quest not only for revenge, but also to bring dragons back to the land.

War Dragons

Gameplay in War Dragons sees players building their kingdom and defending it from invaders while collecting over 70 different kinds of dragons, each with a unique set of skills and spells. Dragons come in major overall types, including hunters, warriors and sorcerers, so players can strategize their army’s formation for the greatest effectiveness during combat.

Dragons can be bred and trained to become stronger over time, and users will train their dragons (or build their camp) by balancing the use of key resources, including food and wood. Players complete quests to earn Egg Tokens, which allow them to unlock new dragons and incubate their eggs, while towers and other defensive structures help the player’s kingdom survive attacks.

When invading a rival camp, players’ dragons fly automatically, leaving gamers to tap and swipe on the screen to attack major structures and other destructible environmental pieces. Each dragon has a primary attack and a secondary ability, including explosive shields, chain lightning and more.

War Dragons features synchronous multiplayer, with the Mantis Engine built specifically to handle inconsistent mobile network connections while still allowing for this synchronous gameplay. Gamers can chat with others in real time, join guilds with friends and more, with support for both player-vs-player and team-based multiplayer functionality.

Gustavo Ambrozio, lead engineer for War Dragons, told us:

We’ve been on a journey for the past two years to combine the best of mobile and console to make deep, rich games that are perfect for the mobile device. War Dragons is our first step in that direction, but we’re just getting started.

War Dragons is now available to download for free on the iTunes App Store in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.