WaPo‘s Sally Jenkins Smokes up C-SPAN

WaPo sports columnist Sally Jenkins knows her subject matter so well that C-SPAN interviewer Brian Lamb must have presumed she once played sports.

The question resulted in this:

Lamb: “Did you play sports in college?”
Jenkins: “I played in high school. I smoked in college.”

She’s talking cigs, not pot, and she stopped after “several years.” A great line, nonetheless.

Despite living in New York, Jenkins talks with Lamb about sports writing for a D.C. audience. “One of the fun things about being a sports writer in Washington is that you’re read by the most interesting people…The mail is fascinating; military guys, generals, congressmen, senators, judges…It’s fun to write to that audience.”

Jenkins, who has been at WaPo for 25 years of her career and continuously since 2000, tells Lamb her father was a sports writer. Sports was always on at her house. “I don’t think I ever considered writing about anything else,” she said.

In addition to her column, she’s written books with Lance Armstrong and Pat Summitt, a women’s basketball coach at the University of Tennessee. She says she loves ghost writing, which is a “funny genre. It’s very interesting to write in someone’s voice and to sort of see life through their eyes.”

You can watch the full “Q&A” interview on C-SPAN Sunday night at 8 and 11 p.m.