WaPo’s Nicole Arthur Moves to Sunday Arts & Style

WaPo‘s Nicole Arthur will no longer be one of top Style Editor Ned Martel’s deputies. She moves to Sunday Arts & Style where she’ll work under Style Editor Lynn Medford. In an internal announcement memo, colleagues get a dose of Arthur’s history. Formerly an arts editor for WCP, she began at WaPo as a “tough” copy editor. She left for an experimental venture that ultimately failed. She returned in 1998. She’s married to Slate‘s media writer Jack Shafer.

See the memo which includes her one liner “personal statement”…

Nicole, currently a Style assignment editor, brings a longtime passion for the Washington arts community, having either written or edited in the field
since the early ’90s.  She began writing arts criticism and features for the Post while she was working for City Paper.  From arts editor there, she
was hired by the Post as a copy editor — and she was a very tough one, by all accounts — but left to become arts and music producer for Microsoft’s
experimental Washington Sidewalk. While it failed, she did not, returning to the Post in 1998 to become an assignment editor for Weekend and deputy editor at Sunday Source. In and among her professional travels, she and husband Jack Shafer have had two daughters, Rose, 8, and Nora, 5.  Nicole has exhibited many strengths and talents over the years, and brings big-picture ideas along with precision editing, but we were most impressed
with her motivation for becoming a critic, expressed in her personal statement:

“Once I figured out that I could complain for money, I never looked back.”