WaPo’s Kessler Tweaks Gingrich

Sure, it’s nice to get a shout-out from a GOP Presidential hopeful like Newt Gingrich during a presidential debate with the entire nation watching. This is the same Gingrich who has demeaned nearly all the debate moderators that he has faced down in recent months. In the weekend debates, however, he had praise. For the NYT. For WaPo, specifically bringing up that Super PAC Restore our Future ad on Gingrich that earned four Pinocchios. Glenn Kessler awards the Pinocchios in his fact-checking column.

While Kessler should have been delighted by the praise being heaped on him not only from Gingrich but colleagues who knew the candidate was referring to his work, he couldn’t help but thrash him by pointing out something the former Speaker forgot to mention.

“Thanks for the shout-out, Speaker Gingrich!” he wrote on Twitter. “But to be fair, we have also given you Four Pinocchios from time to time. #nbcfbdebate.”

Kessler, when asked for comment, said he was just having fun on Twitter. But he also questioned if Gingrich deserved it, asking us, “You don’t think it was a fair thing to say?”