WaPo’s Festering Attribution Problem

WaPo‘s The Reliable Source blog continues in its long quest for lateness and attribution issues. And boy are they winning.

On Friday at 1:57 p.m. they reported the “news” that FNC’s Greta Van Susteren and hubby John Coale were attending the Kardashian wedding this past weekend. This was nearly four hours after Politico CLICK published an item that didn’t source a Thursday FishbowlDC item which first broke the news. To their credit, but not much because they wouldn’t have done it on their own, Politico later added proper attribution. But not without reasoning they had “independently sourced” the item. That’s right, independently sourced it (in the mazes of their minds) and then didn’t publish until the following day.

But they’re not alone. WaPo‘s Names and Faces has contracted Lateness Fever from The Reliable Source. They also have an attribution problem. Today they paraded readers through a typical Style section rehashing of the weekend Kardashian wedding. Blah blah and nearly nothing new there. Folded into that was the “news” that Van Susteren and Coale attended the wedding, which, if you don’t know this by now you should probably just show up to Coale’s house for dinner and let him tell you about it. This was news last Thursday. Now? It’s stale with mold. They even have news of a “private” email exchange with Coale in order to avoid proper sourcing.  WaPo‘s one bit of new news today in that item: The highlight of Coale’s evening was dancing with Vera Wang.

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