WaPo’s “Extra Mile” Column Bids Farewell

From the Washington Post:

    Last month I joked — joked! — about the tiny space newspapers allocate to running, a sport enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of area residents and millions of Americans. Well, the timing is a coincidence, I’m sure, but this Extra Mile is now the Final Mile and the latest casualty in the shrinking world of newspapers. And please, don’t inundate my editor (garciaruize@washpost.com) with unhappy e-mails.

    Honestly, it has been a good run. This column started by stealing space from The Outside Line, a small-sport irony that could be appreciated best by outdoors writer John Mullen, our Post colleague who died in a kayak accident 3 1/2 years ago.

    Running’s low profile is not commensurate with any lack of respect, although it’s difficult for those who don’t participate to understand why runners do what we do. Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami took a stab at explaining the inexplicable in “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running,” a pleasant enough little book that eschews the philosophical nonsense of the “Running and Being” generation.