WaPo’s Dueling Bloggers

On Sunday, WaPo‘s liberal blogger Ezra Klein got into what looks to be a battle against his own colleague, conservative issues blogger Jennifer Rubin. The war of words transpired over Twitter during an intense weekend of long, roller coaster work on the debt debate.

The exchanges were a real live wonkathon. So not the typical online brawling.

Klein: In the legislation it says, specifically, that bill must be scored on current baseline?

Rubin: @ezraklein wrong- CBO scores and unless you are going to raise taxes 3.5 trillion to replace Bush tax cuts it aint happening

Rubin: @ezraklein any of House R offices can explain- CBO scores from 10 yr. baseline

Klein: @JRubinBlogger That’s not how CBO works. Let’s say you cut mortgage interest tax deduction. That scores as deficit reduction on current law.

Rubin: ok one last correction @ezraklein – “defense” in the second tranche is spread into a much bigger pool of money including DHS, State,etc.

Might Rubin be the yin to Klein’s yang? Klein may soon slip into House Floor lingo and start referring to Rubin as the “gentle lady.” He tends to sound like a congressman.