WaPo‘s Capehart Tries On New Glasses

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, WaPo columnist Jonathan Capehart and The Cycle‘s S.E. Cupp joined the roundtable to talk politics. During a commercial break, Capehart, easily recognized by his thick, shiny, black-framed glasses, took part in a brief costume change and accompanying photo session. He tried on Cupp’s equally distinguished glasses.

“Now I try on S.E. Cupp’s specs,” Capehart tweeted, noting that the photo Cupp took of him was “much better.”

Cupp also tweeted, “So Capehart and I switched glasses, to prove we do not share a pair, as is often suggested.”

The two photos (The pouty one was tweeted by Capehart):

Below is a photo of Capehart in his own glasses. And yes, they look exactly the same.