WaPo’s Brauchli Gives Writer/Photog Gold Stars

WaPo‘s Marcus Brauchli sent out this warm fuzzy to writer Paul Schwartzman and photog Carol Guzy for today’s front pager and accompanying pictures. Read story, see photographs here.

The memo:

Colleagues, we want to commend to anyone who hasn’t already seen it Paul
front-page piece today on a Loudoun County father’s vigil for
his comatose son and the photo gallery by Carol Guzy that accompanies it
online. It is a beautifully written and photographed story that will rend
any sentient heart. The Post publishes a lot of superb journalism every
day. It is often built around investigations or structured into multiday,
multiplatform projects that affect policies, governments and people. Like
that journalism, the work by Paul and Carol is built around careful
reporting and plenty of time on the ground. What sets it apart is the
compelling, compassionate way they have taken a family’s shattering tragedy
and transformed it into a resonant tale of love and anguish. It connects to
readers and is a model of what we can do here.

Marcus          Liz