WaPo‘s Wretchedly Slow Site Gets a New Button

The homepage of washingtonpost.com looks a little different, doesn’t it? On Tuesday the site added a tiny toggle button at the upper left corner that allows readers to choose how much local news it displays.

Managing editor Raju Narisetti published a note explaining the new choices the toggle offers. In a nutshell: Readers can click “Regional” to display a box halfway down the page that highlights more local news. Or, they can click “U.S.” to make the box go away.

Narsetti called it “a step” in “making our overall Web site faster and easier.” Faster and easier? The step didn’t go smoothly. He soon updated his note to acknowledge problems readers may have experienced: “We’re working on issues that some readers are having with the ‘edition toggle.’ If you find that toggle is not working, it may be that you previously selected another homepage as your default.’

Or, it may just be that the so-called effort to speed up the site has failed.

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