WaPo Worsts its Own


In the latest installment of WaPo‘s The Fix’s “Worst Week in Washington” feature, author Chris Cillizza went after one of WaPo‘s own by giving WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart the honor, or something to that effect (sometimes in Washington being worst doesn’t always mean the worst, it means attention).

Cillizza put the spotlight on Capehart, honing in on the dangers of Twitter. Capehart’s online crime: He had used a tweet from Rep. Jack Kimble, a fictional congressman representing California whom he didn’t know wasn’t real. Cillizza wrote humbly that he employs a “there but for the grace of God go I” mentality on twitter in terms of making mistakes, but pointed out that Twitter is a “double-edged sword” and made the Capehart incident “Worst” for “complicating the lives of political journalists.”

Capehart said he wasn’t upset to be called out by his own newspaper. “I was fine,” Capehart told FishbowlDC in an e-mail. “Chris gave me a heads up. Besides, it had the benefit of being true. I DID have the worst week in Washington. :-)”