WaPo Weathers the Snow

According to WaPo, 400,000-450,000 Sunday newspapers were delivered throughout the day yesterday. In anticipation of the storm, nearly every pre-print advertising packet was delivered to subscribers with their Friday newspaper, and for those 7-day subscribers who could not be reached Saturday, the Saturday paper was included in the Sunday delivery. The delivery of weekend papers continued today with 80% or more expected to arrive by tonight. WaPo says that they expect Monday papers to be delivered to subscribers if the roads along their route are plowed.

During the storm, WaPo.com experienced a daily average of 16.4 million page views this weekend, more than double a typical weekend. Local weekend page views were up 182% compared with recent weekend traffic, from 2.2 million to 6.2 million. The mobile site, meanwhile, had over 500,000 page views on Saturday.