WaPo Vernon Loeb’s Meandering Memo

Subject line: A local baby — from Vernon. (As in WaPo‘s Local Editor Vernon Loeb in a memo he dispatched Monday to newsroom staff.)

Did Vernon have the local baby? Of course, not. But that’s just the beginning of the confusion that an editor, if editing this memo, might have asked before sending such copy out. Other questions to ponder: Is it about the mother? The infant? The grandfather? Or, is it about the author, Loeb, and his relationship with the grandfather?

Questions aside, welcome Nicholas Marimow Sargent to the Fishbowl!

See the internal memo… (The above photograph is the meandering Tigre River in Argentina.)


I’m thrilled to inform you that Ann Marimow and her husband, Jake Sargent, became the proud parents last night of Nicholas Marimow Sargent. The strapping lad was born at 7:06 p.m., easily beating the  debt ceiling deadline, and weighed in at 8 pounds, 1 ounce. His height: 20 inches. Ann and Jake are thrilled, as are Nick’s big sister and brother. I know Ann’s parents, Bill and Diane Marimow, are thrilled as well.  Bill, a great editor and investigative journalist, was my boss at The Philadelphia Inquirer. He’ll soon be joining Len Downie at News21 at Arizona State University in Phoenix — though, thanks to Nicholas and the rest of Ann’s brood, I’m certain we’ll be seeing plenty of Bill and Diane here in Washington. Please join me in congratulating Ann and Jake. I’ve urged Ann to visit us regularly during her leave. I hope young Nick will soon make his first newsroom appearance.