WaPo Unveils ‘Right Turn’

The caricature of WaPo‘s new blogger, Jennifer Rubin, covering right wing issues (let’s word it carefully this time around) is a bit jaw heavy. But that’s what caricatures are supposed to be, right? Stretches and exaggerations of our features.We assure that her chin and jaw do not resemble this in real life.

So we begin, “Right Turn,” placed clearly amidst the other opinion columns, in the dawn of a new era of blogging about the right-wing at WaPo after the fiery summer that culminated in the resignation of their last blogger to cover right-wing issues, Dave Weigel, who is now at Slate.

Rubin shoots out of the gate with “The myth of Palin’s frontrunner status.”

She doesn’t appear to be shy. She even elbows former WaPo writer Howard Kurtz in the ribs for being late in the game observation-wise. Kurtz is now Washington Bureau Chief for The Daily Beast and continuing host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

You don’t have to buy into a conspiracy to see that many in the media and on the left are convinced Palin will be the nominee. In fact, they seem to be in a bit of a time warp. Howard Kurtz recently praised her media savvy, an observation widely held by conservatives — 18 months ago.

Read the full story here. See Rubin’s photograph after the jump…