WaPo Tomato Scandal Persists

WaPo continues to exploit it’s tomato recipe winners by not giving them the oven mitts owed to them. Now they’re pushing a new Top Tomato Contest. Is there even an incentive for new readers with delightful tomato recipes to enter knowing full well their prizes may never arrive?

Under the guidelines of the latest contest, winners will be featured in the tomato issue on August 15. All recipes are due by midnight on July 24. Readers may enter as many as five recipes.

When we recently inquired about the oven mitts that last year’s winners had not received, WaPo told us winners would receive an update on the mitts. This never happened. As you can see, even the tomato in our picture is crying.

Even a commenter on a recent story cracked, “These recipes would seem so much more savory if last year’s winners received their prizes.”

UPDATE: WaPo Food posted the following in our comment section: “Scandal revealed, Betsy! Mitts (third round) are in-house, poised to go out to last year’s winners. Profuse apologies and appeasement offers going out today.”

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