WaPo Toasts Eric Pianin’s 28 Years

Sorry we didn’t hear about this early enough to crash for cake… congratulations to Eric Pianin.

Kevin Merida/news/TWP

To: NEWS – All

Subject: Eric Pianin

Our dear colleague Eric Pianin, who has brought distinction to The Washington Post for the past 28 years, is leaving us.

His last day is tomorrow, and so we want to send him off with–what else?–a glorious 3 p.m. Friday caking. Eric personifies hard work and professionalism, and a studied knowledge of politcs and government that we’ve all admired. Since arriving at the Post in 1981 from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Eric has covered District politics, the environment, countless congressional budget fights, two government shutdowns and one presidential impeachment. He belongs to an elite class of Washington journalists who have mastered the appropriations process, and the wily ways of taxes and spending. In his spare time, he co-authored “Mirage,” a trenchant dissection of the mounting deficits of the 1990s. As an editor, he helped supervise the paper’s coverage of the famous Vista Hotel drug bust of Marion Barry, and ably steered our congressional reporting during George W. Bush’s presidency. During the past two years, Eric has been at the helm of washingtonpost.com’s political coverge, dividing his time between 15th Street and Courthouse Square. He was reponsible for overseeing the Post’s 2008 campaign Web coverage and helped launch projects such as The Political Browser, the Fed Page online and the revamped newspaper version, which he also edits. Always willing to share his considerable expertise, Eric has been a valued resource for younger political journalists and an all-around good guy. He will be sorely missed. In the near future, as in right away, Eric will begin covering the health reform debate on Capitol Hill for Kaiser Health News as he ponders longer term options. That, and dreaming about his summer beach vacation.